School Achievements, Updates and Alerts

School’s place for promoting the accomplishments of our students, extracurricular activities (athletics, clubs, etc…) and the daily events within the school.

School Benefits

The site allows us to showcase the achievements of our school and students through videos, photos, text and interviews and provide important updates about various school events. We are introducing students to 21st Century career opportunities via a hands-on curriculum that incorporates media in the digital era, communication, videography, editing, photography and marketing. This is our online media outlet to showcase our schools 21st century digital initiative. (giving visitor a feel for the school)

Student Benefits

Student contributors gain an invaluable real world experience and become aware of the broad spectrum of career opportunities in the media world. Students build and showcase their portfolio of work and are exposed to media professionals and the latest digital trends and techniques. Student work includes writing stories, taking photos, shooting video and more.

Your Benefits

Parents, students and fans are provided with student produced information that is current, engaging and relevant. In addition to student work, news and updates from various outlets are aggregated on the site. Visitors are able to track the achievements of the school in one centralized location.


News and Stories: Student driven updates on current activities within the school.

Videos: Highlights and coverage from sporting events, plays, concerts, drama production and award ceremonies.

Photos: Photos capturing the daily experiences within the school.

Live Broadcasting: Watch school events live on the site for those who are unable to attend.

Text Messaging: Receive the latest updates, schedule changes and alerts directly to your mobile device.

Schedules: Stay in tune with your favorite school programs.